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This is the third and last part of the three part series on home drapery. In the first article we looked at how designers approch dressing a window which includes function and style. In part two we looked at the process of dressing a window as well as the use of colours, textures, fabrics and pleats to create the perfect modern yet elegant drapery.

Gardening is a wonderful experience and an enjoyable pastime for those who enjoy being at home. However, for those with disabilities and mobility challenges, a standard garden can be more frustrating than rewarding. This guide has 8 tips for creating a home garden for those with disabilities.

Renovting and remodeling projects can be stressful; however, you can save time and money by planning ahead. Everyone wants their projects finished as soon as possible, for as little as possible; and here is how you can do just that.

Harvesting rainwater is an excellent way to significantly lower your annual water costs, reduce your dependence on the city water supply, and minimize your impact on the earth. There are many approaches to catching and utilizing rainwater, all of which are easy to implement and at little cost to you.

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