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What if your car was intelligent like KITT in the 80’s TV show Knight Rider? With AutoPi all cars become intelligent and can have eyes, ears and a voice. Based on Raspberry Pi™, AutoPi looks like an OBD-II dongle, but is so much more.

Currently being lunched on Kickstarter, AutoPi is the first extendable IoT platform for your car. Until now all functionality and data from cars have belonged only to the manufacturers. With AutoPi the car owners can, as a cooperating community, take control over their own vehicles and data without having to be an engineer. The AutoPi Dongle and the AutoPi Cloud is an IoT maker platform, which allows you to add advanced features to your car and gives you a lot of extension possibilities.

With both a hardware dongle and a software cloud platform, we offer you some of the coolest features available today. Based on Raspberry Pi™. It looks like an OBD-II dongle, it is the first extendable IoT platform for your car.


Functionality Possibilities

The AutoPi platform offers huge potential for functionality. Here are some examples of what can potentially be done with this device.

5 Crash detection logo8 Mobile hot spot logo15 Driver recognition logo

  • Auto Lock/Unlock: A common mistake when leaving your car, is that you forget to lock it, leaving it open to theft. With the AutoPi it would be possible to build a system that automatically locks your car, based on your proximity to the car.

  • Collision Prevention Assistance: A collision prevention assistant helps you maintain distance to cars in front of you, but this system is not standard in all cars. With the AutoPi this can be standard.

  • Voice Command Recognition: Insert a microphone in your AutoPi, connect it to your car and setup your AutoPi to do actions on certain voice commands.

  • Video Evidence Recording: Avoiding serious insurance claims can be a hassle without proper evidence of your guilt. Attaching an external camera to the AutoPi could not be easier. Simply plug it into the AutoPi and mount the camera in your car. The AutoPi is able to store video evidence internally or even upload it to an external server for storage.

  • Theft Detection: Since the AutoPi is always online, it is possible to use it for Theft detection. The AutoPi can monitor movement and start of your car. You can setup the AutoPi to give notifications to you every time your car is started and even monitor its position online in real-time, thus being able to guide authorities to the exact location of your vehicle. You can setup your AutoPi to sound audible alarms inside your car, to warn off intruders.

  • Traffic Sign Warning: The AutoPi is able to do machine vision from input of an external camera connected. With this its possible to read traffic signs and warn about hazardous situations. The system could monitor speed signs, overtaking injunctions, one-way driving directions and ghost driving. The system could warn you in real-time with voice commands or audible alarms.

  • In-car Nobile Hotspot: Many tables and laptops (or other devices), does not have an internet connection, which limits their use when out of Wi-Fi range. Since the AutoPi is always online, it can be configured as a mobile hotspot for in-car use. This makes it possible for passengers in the backseat to enjoy a more entertaining ride.

  • Eco Driving Optimization Alerts: Many drivers does not realize the amount of money they could save, by changing their driving behavior. Since gear and RPM position is available through the AutoPi, it would be possible to create a system which assisted you in achieving the optimal driving behavior and thereby getting the best mileage for your specific car. The system could sound alerts to the user, either through the build in speaker or through the internal audio system in the car.

3 Video Evidence Recording logo3 Video Evidence Recording logo3 Video Evidence Recording logo

If you need a feature not found in the available add-ons library, you can simply program it yourself. The AutoPi software platform features a built-in IDE and terminal to help you develop and test your code. You can easily deploy your written software modules directly to your AutoPi dongle.

AutoPi Core runs on your AutoPi Dongle and ensures communication with your car, connected peripheral devices and communication to the AutoPi Cloud. It collects and securely stores your vehicle data, letting you access them from the AutoPi Cloud or via the API.

Hardware Specifications

What is in the box

The AutoPi dongle comes fully assembled and ready to be plugged into your car. This is included in the box when you receive your copy.

For more information about AutoPi, check it out on Kickstarter.

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