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Alain McRae

Freelance motor racing and sports blogger. Loves supercars, football, video games and action movies. When not writing, he can be found reading comics or playing video games.

Which is better; electric or petrol cars? It is a debate that seems to get hotter and hotter as more and more manufactures are entering the space with their EV models. Here are some technical comparisions and additional information to help better determine which is better.

What if your car was intelligent like KITT in the 80’s TV show Knight Rider? With AutoPi all cars become intelligent and can have eyes, ears and a voice. Based on Raspberry Pi™, AutoPi looks like an OBD-II dongle, but is so much more.

This is an incredible 'behind closed doors' look at the real nuts and bolts of the electric car revolution. Follow directer Chris Paine as he takes his film crew to secretive engineering labs of auto makers Nissan, General Motors and Tesla as they document the revenge of the electric car. Chris also looks at an 'outsider' who is engineering his own electric car, joining the revelation.

It is that time of the year again (in the southern hemisphere) where many people will decide to hit the road and try run off that extra 'winter fat'. There are also those who loath winter for how it hampers their normal running schedule. Here are 15 running tips from professional runners that are worth noting; for beginners and advance runners alike.

Hatchback trends in Asia would appear to be more about edgy designs and technology gadgetry than anything else. And this is a good thing. Asian automakers have always been favourites of tuning enthusiats and our selection of 2016's hottest hatchbacks should have most fans rather satisfied.

There is something rather striking about European hatchbacks; they tend to be elegant beasts. They display elegant curves, carved into each body panel flowing from signature headlamps with LED daylights to well finished rears and neatly tucked in spoilers. However, tucked under their streamlined bonnets are aggressively engineered power-plants that bring out the true beasts in each of these beauties.